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Jamestown, New York is an exciting place to be these days. With all that is going on in the greater Jamestown area recently, the Gebbie Foundation is often involved to some degree with new and exciting improvements that are taking place. We will share events, plans and accomplishments that we are involved with on this page. Each story listed here is linked to a full article. Please click on the read more link to, well, read more about the subject.


Scenic Streetscapes

  Improving the look of city streets, facades and storefronts helps make people feel more welcome and demonstrates that business owners in Jamestown care about their product and their patrons. Early successes were largely as a result of the adoption of the Jamestown...

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Public Places

  Creating community gathering places helps bring people together, while programming a wide variety of activities in those places cultivates memorable experiences for residents and visitors alike. By creating positive memories, we hope to have people return again and...

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Downtown Development

  Adaptive reuse of key downtown buildings is a hallmark of the development strategy for the downtown. Photos: Banner located on the historic Furniture Mart Building, Architectural Rendering of the Jamestown Brewing Company   Jamestown Brewing Company, slated to...

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Comedy Crossing

  Embracing comedy as an important tool to spur economic development, the City of Jamestown recently celebrated the opening of the National Comedy Center (NCC) on August 1, 2018. Exceeding expectations, the Center defies description. It is a one-of-a-kind attraction...

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