Applying To The Gebbie Foundation



Strategic Focus

The current strategic focus of Gebbie Foundation is to rejuvenate downtown Jamestown through economic development to make it an attractive place to work, live, shop, and visit. This shall be done by leveraging financial and human resources through collaboration, cooperation, and partnership. Continued support of the Urban Plan via selected contributions and commitment of staff time to those organizations and entities whose mission supports the plan’s implementation shall be prioritized.


Investments vs. Grants

In order to make the greatest impact on community and economic development within the City of Jamestown, the Gebbie Foundation takes a proactive rather than a reactive stance when accepting funding proposals. The Foundation follows the practice of inviting entities to apply based on objectives identified by the Board of Directors.


Other prospective applicants may review the Foundation’s guidelines and submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to Gebbie if proposed project appears to fall within funding parameters. Foundation staff will review the LOI to determine applicability to current investment priorities and notify applicants whether or not to prepare a full application.


Recent Strategic Investments
in Jamestown

The following is a sampling of the sorts of projects and initiatives we have previously funded and fit within out current Strategic Focus. This list should help you to evaluate if your request for grant funding is likely to be considered by our board of directors.




Jamestown Center City Development
2013 Operating funds & debt service for Arena
United Way
2012-2014 $100,000 per year for 3 years
$ 300,000
Jamestown Urban Renewal Agency
2013 downtown and neighborhood initiatives
$ 275,000
Chautauqua Region Community Foundation
2012-2013 $30,000 per year for 2 years
$ 60,000
Jamestown Renaissance Corporation
Façade restoration, Wintergarden Plaza,
Upper floor development, crosswalk enhancements
$ 230,000
Downtown Jamestown Development Corporation
2011 Downtown promotion & event activities


The Foundation leverages financial and human resources through collaboration, cooperation, and partnership.